Monday – July 1th

8:00-9:15    Registration
9:15-9:30    Welcome by SZN President
9:30-9:45    Welcome by Ordine Nazionale dei Biologi
9:45-10:00  Claudia Di Somma: The Zoological Station: exploration of the sea from 1872

Session: Basic knowledge in marine ecotoxicology

10:00-10:50   Alessandra Gallo: Introduction to Marine Ecotoxicology, Biomarkers and Bioindicators
10:50-11:20   Coffee break
11:20-12:20   Elisabetta Tosti: Introduction to Marine reprotoxicology
12:20-13:30   Lunch at SZN canteen
13:30-14:30  Marco Munari: Evolutionary perspectives in ecotoxicology

Pratical Session

14:30-15:00   Daniele Carlini:  Epigenetics: methods of detection and application in marine ecotoxicology  
15:00-17:00   Alessandra Gallo and Maria Consiglia Esposito: Algal toxicity tests    

Tuesday – July 2nd

Session: Chemical stressors

9:00-10:00     Alessandra Gallo: Xenobiotics: traditional and emerging
10:00-11:00   Giovanni Libralato: Marine nanoecotoxicology: news and trends
11:00-11:20   Coffee break
11:20-12:20   Ilaria Corsi: Eco-interactions of engineered nanomaterials: a lesson to learn for their ecosafety assessment learn for their ecosafety assessment  
12:20-13:30   Lunch at SZN canteen
13:30-14:30   Marco Signore: Enter the hazard: basics of risk communication    

Practical Session

14:30-17:00   Alessandra Gallo and Maria Consiglia Esposito: Gamete and embryo toxicity tests with marine invertebrates    

Wednesday – July 3rd

Session: Model organisms in ecotoxicology

9:00-10:00     Isabella Buttino: Plankton as model organism in marine  ecotoxicology  
10:00-11:00   Maria Consiglia Esposito: Sea urchins: excellent bioassay models
11:00-11:20   Coffee break
11:20-12:20   Giovanni Libralato: Marine bivalves ecotoxicity tests
12:20-13:30   Lunch at SZN canteen
13:30-14:30   Sandra Hochscheid:  Sea turtles as sentinels for our seas    

Practical Session  

14:30-17:00   Isabella Buttino and  Ylenia Carotenuto: Zooplankton in ecotoxicity tests    

Thursday – July 4th

Session: Environmental matrices and case study

9:00-10:00     Marco Guida: Sediment toxicity assessment: an overview
10:00-11:00   Luigi Musco:  ABBaCo: a scientific framework for the restoration of a heavily polluted site  
11:00-11:20   Coffee break

Session: Physical stressors

11:20-12:20   Maria Cristina Buia: Responses of benthos to acidification at volcanic CO2 vents
12:20-13:30   Raffaele Boni:  Environmental impact of global warming  
13:20-15:00   Social Lunch: Pizza e Sfizi

Friday – July 5th

Practical Session

09:00-13:00   Matteo Russo and Franco Baroncelli: Toxicity test with marine bioluminescent bacteria Vibrio fischeri
13:00-14:30   Lucnh at SZN canteen
14:30-15:30   Adrianna Ianora: Ecological role and impact of marine natural products  
15:30-16:00   Closing